How to login into Admins account without password?

1. At the bootup  time of windows, press "F8" functional key present on the top of the keyboard  which would bring up "windows advanced options menu". Use the keyboard arrows keys to move to "safe mode" & press "enter" key.

2. Now go to control panel > user> accounts.
3. Pick the account (through whose account you want to login into windows).
4. In that there is an option "delete the password", select it.
5. Now the password of the normal admins is removed.
6. Reboot the windows & enter into windows in normal mode & you can enter into admins account as the password is deleted.
  Note: I said that this is limited hack because if there is a password to head of the admins account , you have to password to login . For your information, many people don't keep password for admins account because they think that they forget it. So you can try this hack on your friends, colleages p.c, & get their information.

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