New Android virus “MSO.PJApps” caught in China

Security experts NetQin Mobile identified a new virus on Android devices named “MSO.PJApps,” which causes leakage of private data and subscribes to fee-charging services without user’s awareness.
The virus was repackaged into the popular mobile applications from a well-known app download site in China. Once installed on a mobile phone, it surreptitiously connects to certain sites and sends text messages containing the mobile device’s IMEI number and other data to designated numbers controlled by a remote server. Additionally, the virus receives commands from the remote server to download and install software without user’s awareness.
All these actions may lead to unintended service subscription charges and expose users to other mobile security threats.
NetQin updated its mobile security solution within 12 hours of identifying suspicious behavior from the Android virus and updated its virus database to ensure that users get timely protection.
At the end of the press release, NetQin shares some common sense advice, suggesting users to download apps only from trusted sources and never blindly accept application requests.

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