Study Tips to get high marks in Class.

It doesn’t seem fair that some students can get straight A’s with very little effort, while other find a B extremely difficult.
A few little changes can make the difference between the C and the B or A. These are all recommended learning aids and recognized as ways to improve grades.
First up, don’t mess about in class. You need to listen to what your teacher is saying and pay attention at all times. Once you leave school for the day you may want to hang out with your friends, even though you have a quiz the next day.
The point here is that is you have taken in what your teacher has told you, you don’t need to study for the quiz. Thus, paying attention in class means more free time without worrying about failing.

Whatever you do, never fail to submit any projects or your homework. These are integral parts that go to make up your final grade, so by not bothering to do them you are causing yourself a load of future problems.

It’s always best to get homework done on the day it is given when the subject is still fresh in your head and you can whizz through it without having to wrack your brain for the answers. The longer you leave it; the harder you’ll have to think so the longer it will take.
Everyone should read books; they are an education in themselves and its amazing the amount of knowledge that is gained from reading.
Reading really sharpens up your brain and help with comprehension. Your knowledge will be greatly expanded without you even realizing. Try and regularly read material that is tied in with what you are learning and you will learn loads out of the classroom.
One last thing: discipline. You must discipline yourself and ensure that you work hard instead of playing. So you want to be a C student or an A student? It’s up to you at the end of the day.

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