Watch Hulu On Any Froyo Android Device Completely Free With Hacked APK

Hulu is a great service for catching up on old TV show episodes or watching movies. While hulu.com is completely free on desktop computers, Hulu blocks traffic to mobile devices in hopes of making users pay for their Hulu Plus service.  Here is a link to a hacked flash apk that will allow any 2.2 Android phone to access Hulu.com and watch content for free.

How It Works

Hulu blocks mobile devices by reading a line of data in the Flash plug in that normally give away what platform it’s being used on. This hacked APK had that line of coded edited so when Hulu scans the plug in it thinks your Android phone is a Windows PC and allows the video to play.


The first step is to boot up your Android phone and go to settings. Once there open application settings and then manage applications. A full list of apps you have installed on the phone should populate and list and near the top you sould see Adobe Flash player. Tap Adobe Flash player to open the next menu and then tap uninstall. Now navigate to the link provided at the bottom of this article and download the hacked APK. Once downloaded email the apk file to the address tied to your android device, then open your Gmail app. You should see the email you just sent with an attachment icon, open the message and press install. You now have the hacked flash player apk installed.

Tips To Make Hulu Run Well

The hacked APK works best with Dolphin Browser HD which is an alternative browser available free of charge on the market. Be sure to go into setting and change your user agent to “Desktop” or Hulu will still block your device. If video playback is choppy then press the little gear button when a video is playing and select 280p as your resolution, then hit save. It should now play smooth as butter. This trick also works on many Android tablets such as the Nook color and original Galaxy Tab.

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