What is 3G Nokia 3G?

Technology has transformed the manner of life, world over. Now comes a technology that takes life leaps ahead from what we know today. The advent of 3G technology will change the way we connect, how we live our passions and enjoy our entertainment. In short, every experience of life will get enhanced in this new era. Nokia has ensured that its customers can enjoy the best of this technology with its state-of-the-art, range of a 3G phones. But first, let's step back and understand what exactly is 3G.

3G is the ‘3rd Generation’ technology for mobiles. It enhances internet speed that enables us to enjoy myriad features like video calling, faster audio and video streaming, quicker downloads, live TV and a superior social networking experience.

The 3G Experience
2G VS. 3G

The transition from 2G to 3G has been a much anticipated event and promises to mark an epoch in the way we consume mobile technology. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Allow us to explain.

Simply put, 2G primarily enables transmission of voice information while 3G provides the additional advantages of data transfer. 3G uses superior software called High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), which allows users to send any kind of data, including graphics, audio and video content, many times faster than current 2G networks.

In short, 3G enables quicker downloads and uploads, allows features such as video calling, Web TV and the likes that were so far impossible or restricted in 2G technology. Currently about 50% of phones available in India offer 3G services and the future promises to offer many more such phones. Nokia steers ahead in this field with several 3G compatible phones in its oeuvre. In fact, the new range of Nokia phones contain 3G features that are designed to meet your every need like live web TV, faster emailing, anytime social networking and quick music downloads.

3G brings in an era of high internet speed and data transfer in mobile devices. However, 3G technology itself is available in two different forms – WCDMA and HSDPA. While the broader spectrums of 3G benefits are provided by both, they are some subtle differences between them. W-CDMA or Wideband Code Division Multiple Access is a 3G network interface that allows data connections up to 384 kbps per user (64kbps, 128kbps, 384 kbps) in optimum conditions.
HSDPA or High-Speed Downlink Packet Access on the other hand, is an enhanced 3G interface that enables higher data transfer speeds and capacity. While both are an integral part of 3G technology, the latter provides enhanced speed and capability and is also known as 3.5G.

No technology aces without a compatible device. For a complete 3G experience you need a phone that supports the new technology. Faster web browsing, high-speed video streaming and much more can be best experienced with Nokia 3G phones, designed exclusively for the new generation technology. It is important to note, that most Nokia HSPDA devices include a secondary camera for video calling. Now do more than just make calls – download music, make video calls, watch TV on the move, surf the net and lots more. Find phones for all groups – social network enthusiasts, music buffs, professionals, technology experts and game enthusiasts. With Nokia's wide range of large screen devices, the 3G experience is the best at all price points.

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