Download Don’t Panic to Close and Open Multiple Programs with Just a Mouse Click

An application that can close and open multiple programs with the click of a button
I found this app very useful at school, so decided to share it. Don’t Panic has been designed as one of those so called “boss applications”. These types of programs allow a computer user to quickly close (or hide) specific software programs so that the boss (supervisor, mother, girlfriend.. you name it) does not see it on the computer screen. Don’t Panic is a highly configurable program in that niche that has its uses even if there is nothing to hide as it allows the computer user to group programs and start them with the click on the Don’t Panic button.

The initial configuration of the program is the most important part after installation. Applications can be configured in here that should be terminated and started whenever the panic button is pressed by the user. It is possible to select an unlimited number of programs that should be closed whenever the panic button is pressed. Up to six programs can be selected to be started at the same time so that the started programs can look completely different from how they looked like a few seconds ago.
Here are some key features of “Don’t Panic”:
Close, hide or minimize as many programs as you want using the BlackList (by executable filename or keywords present in the window title)
Open up to 6 programs (files) at the same time
Open files with a certain software (other then the one selected as default in Windows)
Predefined software paths (includes paths for all Windows games!)
Run Don’t Panic! at Windows startup, block access to Windows Task Manager and mute master volume
Clear some system folders (Recent Files, Internet Explorer History, Typed URLs & Cache, Recycle Bin) for extra privacy
Panic Mode (complete with customizable size, position, transparency level and hotkey)
WebUpdate (complete with news) and statistic modules
User-friendly, multi-language UI (only English, Romanian and Turkish are installed by default)
Download Don’t Panic

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