Facebook launches FB FOR EVERY PHONE app

Do you own a specific phone that doesn’t support Facebook?? Well, you don’t need to feel disappointed anymore because Facebook has launched Facebook for every phone app. This is a special app which has been introduced by the site for 2,500 phones that do not support Facebook.

The app will help you to check Facebook inbox, news feed, photos and friend lists. Not only that, you will also be able to upload your coolest pics and find your Facebook buddies from your contact list.

Downloading the app is very simple and easy, anyone can do it. Go to the page, scroll down and download the link. You can also enter d.facebook.com/install to get the app directly in you mobile browser. It will give you free data access for 3 months too!

So, those sad days with no Facebook on your phone are gone, download this app and get access to your favorite social networking site in your mobile phone.

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