Free iPhone un-bricking solution released

Those of you that decided to find out if Apple was bluffing when they said that unlocked iPhones would be bricked by the iPhone v1.1.1 firmware have undoubtedly found out (the hard way) that Apple was for real. If you’re staring at a “Connect to iTunes” screen on your iBrick, and you just don’t feel like shelling out a C-note for iPhoneSIMfree’s premium un-bricking service, the iPhone Dev Team has come to your rescue.

Well, actually, it’s a subset of the iPhone Dev Team that’s released the new unbricking solution – the iPhone “Elite” Team. The “Elite” guys have released a downgrade solution that will take your bricked iPhone from v1.1.1 to a fully functioning v1.0.2. This solution basically restores your iPhone’s phone functions, but reverts your firmware back to v1.0.2 in the process. But, be warned, the 18-step process requires a bit of familiarity with the hacking tools described on the iPhone Dev Wiki.

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