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The first thing you will want to do is check to see if your site is already indexed by Google and if so which pages. Being indexed by Google and "ranked" by Google are two completely separate issues.

Lets check if your site is indexed first.

go to google and type the following into the search box...

site:yoursite.com (change yoursite.com to YOUR homepage URL).

This will tell you how many pages Google has in its index.

Next you will want to use a handy little FireFox browser addon to check your sites rankings on specific keywords (assuming Google has decided to index your site).

To accomplish this task you will first need to install a FireFox browser onto your computer and then add the "Rank Checker" addon to your firefox browser.

You can download the firefox browser here...

and the Rank Checker Addon here...

If after all of this you have determined that your site is not listed in Google. Getting indexed is fairly simple. Here are three ways to accomplish this task.

1. Submit an XML sitemap to Google. Go the the following link and follow the instructions... http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ 

2. Submit your site to http://www.tagzbook.com/ (Google really loves them right now)

3. Create a Google analytics account and add the code to your website.

If you do all of this you should have no problem getting indexed...
Ranking for your chosen keywords however is a book in its self.

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