How to Create a Computer Virus

Virus Software: How to make Virus/Create Virus
I have previously posted about How to Create a Fake and Harmless Virus. In this article i want to show you how to create a real virus using Virus Software. I compiled a list of some great virus maker softwares. Now you don’t have to know any programming or coding to make virus. Simply use one of these Virus softwares and you can easily make virus for yourself. These virus softwares provides you with various options which you can use to make virus according to your preferences. The virus programs are tested to well working on all Windows systems.

Here is the list of the softwares that allows you to make Virus:
1. In Shadow Batch Virus Generator
1. First of all download the virus maker from here
2. Run “In Shadow Batch Virus Generator.exe” application to see something like this:

3. You can use various options to make virus to suit your needs. You can:
Infect files of various extensions
Insert virus in startup menu, Kill various processes.
Disable all security services like Windows Defender, Antivirus, Firewall.
Rename file extensions, spread virus via file sharing.
Create new admin account, change user account password.
Block various websites, download trojan files to victim computer, shutdown victim computer and much more.
4. After selecting various options, move on to “Creating Options” tab and hit on “Save as Bat”. Assign name to the virus and hit on Save.

5. Now, you have your virus ready to hack your victim. This virus maker is undetectable by the most antiviruses.
I am not responsible for any action performed by you. Also, do not try this virus on your own computer. This virus software is one of the most efficient virus software used today.
2. JPS Virus Maker

This is also a great virus maker with many features in it. Check all the features of JPS Virus maker here.
3. TeraBIT Virus Maker

A powerful virus maker for you. Look for updates here
Download JPS Virus Maker and TeraBit Virus Maker.
These two virus makers are detected as a viruses by the most anti-virus softwares, but they won’t harm your pc in any way. Before you run these virus makers disable your anti-virus temporarily.
If you know other virus makers i want to hear your suggestions.

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