How to Download YouTube Videos DIRECTLY to Your Phone (using Opera Mini handlerUI or other mobile browsers)

Hi guys! I just wanna share to you the way how I download YouTube videos using Opera Mini.In this tutorial, we will be using Opera Mini4.2 handlerUI 1.3.2 (applicable also to other browsers)
-working Opera Mini settings capable of downloading
-fixed Read/Write java permission access (suitesettings)
Here we go:
[B]1. Suppose you find the link of the youtube video you want to download, you just need to edit it like this
:remove the highlighted text

Replace it with this

 then go to that URL. Select the format you want. (3gp[LQ] or [HQ], mp4, or FLV or mp3)

By Telecominfo.in By Muneer Hussain

dont mind if it shows 0bytes. Just proceed to saving then start downloading. Thats it! So easy ayt?
If you want, you can use templates in HandlerUI Opmini’s so you wouldnt need to type again the URL. Make sure Templates is enabled in HandlerSettings.

 There are many other ways to download youtube videos but this one is my favorite. Anyways, enjoy!
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