IE 6 must die

More that 14% uses IE6. Can you believe it? According to w3schools.com in the month July 2009 14.9% users use IE6. What is the big deal about it? This figure is more disturbing for the web developers rather than for you as a Internet surfer. Because they have to spend hours and hours to make their websites compatible with IE6 which is not a easy task as IE6 does not support most of the up to date web designing techniques. Are you still using IE6?

If Yes. Why? Most probably because it was the default browser been installed with Windows XP.
If Yes. Please make sure you upgrade to IE7 or IE 8 or any other latest web browsers. Here is the list of download links to the new web browsers…
Google Chrome – Simple and Faster
FireFox 3.5 – Fast and you will have lots of Ad-ons to play with
Internet Explorer 8 – Latest and support all the latest
It is time to say good buy for Internet Explorer 6 for more secure faster and smoother web browsing experience. Also to support the people who work hard to make cool and crazy web applications for you. So they can bring the best with less trouble…..
If you need more reason why you should give up Internet Explorer 6 then IE6 must die for the web to move on will be good article to go through

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