India to welcome Viewsonic Dual OS tabs

In a few days Indian tab market will have a new reason for celebration- 2 new Viewsonic tablets. It’s really great news for a country where all the latest gadgets of the world get introduced after 3-6 months of their launch!!

Interestingly, these tablets will foray into Indian market within 10 days.

Now let’s shift our focus from their launch in the Indian market to their speciality. These 2 tablets will have 2 different operating systems. The first one, the 7 inch tab will have Android 2.2 OS and will be priced at Rs.19, 000 But the specialty of the 2nd tab is surely going to make you eager to have a look at it- it will be equipped with 2 OS- Windows as well as Android (superb)!!It will be priced at Rs.38, 000 (perfect!!)

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