Internet application developers dialing into iPhone opportunities

Locals hoping to hit the application jackpot through Apple’s booming App Store online marketplace

Apple’s trend-setting App Store is luring software developers from B.C. and around the world with the prospect of creating the next big – and moneymaking – iPhone application.
Turning the application-development model on its head, Apple allows companies and independent developers of nearly any skill level to post applications in the App Store for free.

Apple collects 30% of sales from downloads, while an application’s creator collects the difference – a ratio that can offer a lucrative return for the developers of the most popular applications.
Vancouver’s Sillysoft Games launched its Lux DLX in the App Store on December 19. Since then, the video game, which is similar to the board game Risk, has been downloaded more than 25,000 times. At $7.99 per download, Sillysoft has generated roughly $140,000 in a month from sales of Lux DLX.
The five-year-old company focused its development efforts on video games for PCs before Dustin Sacks, the company’s founder, discovered that Apple was launching its App Store last July.
“I’m tempted to not make anymore desktop games and just do iPhone games,” said Sacks.

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