New Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.532.0 Cracked

Windows has rolled out a new updated Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.532.0 today.
If you’re using a cracked version of Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.526 or v1.5.530 LegitCheckControl.dll to get your Windows Update and download from Microsoft Download Center, I believe it will soon not work for you because Microsoft has just updated their Windows Genuine Advantage Validation file to version 1.5.532.
Whenever you visit Windows Update to get updates for your Microsoft Windows, you will get a page asking you to install the latest Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.532 (KB892130) before you can proceed.

“The Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool enables you to verify that your copy of Microsoft Windows is genuine. The tool validates your Windows installation by checking Windows Product Identification and Product Activation status.†I’ve downloaded and took a look at

LegitCheckControl.dll file size and to my surprise it’s exactly the same as v1.5.530.0
LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.532.0 = 566 KB (579,888 bytes)
LegitCheckControl.dll v1.5.530.0 = 566 KB (579,888 bytes)
I believe that it must have changed some bytes in that LegitCheckControl.dll file, so I compared both of the .dll files and found 607 changes in bytes. That considered minor change because if a major change, almost all the bytes will be different.
Good news is, you can re-use DESPERATE TURK CRACKERS GROUP [DTCG] old crack that is supposed for cracking 1.5.530 LegitCheckControl.dll to patch the new LegitCheckControl.dll 1.5.532.
The offset that DTCG crack is patching doesn’t affect any of the changed offsets.
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Update 03/June/2006: DTCG released a new updated patch specially for cracking LegitCheckControl.dll 1.5.532. This updated patch replaces the same offsets with the previous 1.5.530.
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The above information is based on my theory and logic. I have tested it with my original legit Microsoft Windows XP Professional by replacing the original LegitCheckControl.dll with the cracked LegitCheckControl.dll and I am able to use Windows Update. However, the Windows Genuine Advantage nag screen started to display. When I replace the original non-cracked LegitCheckControl.dll, everything went back to normal with no nag and still able to use Windows Update.
I’ve found a tool to completely remove the Windows Genuine Advantage notification nag, but after removing the WGA notification, you’ll be asked to install Windows Genuine Advantage before you can proceed to Windows Update.
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I finally managed to find a crack that removes the Windows Genuine Advantage notification nag and also allows you to use Windows Update. Please follow the steps below.
1. Download Crack_WGA_1.5.532.0.torrent from Mininova Torent tracker.
2. Use any Bittorrent client such as µTorrent to load the Crack_WGA_1.5.532.0.torrent file that you’ve just downloaded.
3. After download complete, try to locate the folder “Crack_WGA_1.5.532.0″ and inside that folder will contain 2 files.
• WGA_1.5.532.0.Bis.exe
• A.Lire.WGA_1.5.532.0.Bis.txt
4. Run WGA_1.5.532.0.Bis.exe and it will automatically replace a cracked version of LegitCheckControl.dll to enable Windows Update and wgatray.exe and wgalogon.dll to disable the WGA notification nag.
Note: This information is for educational purposes and cracking Microsoft Windows is against their piracy law. None of the crack files are provided by me or hosted here.

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