This post contains a numerous tricks,tips and secret codes for sony ericsson mobiles.it allows you to check imei,software version,whether phone is original or not etc.so these codes will be very useful to you.
-For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number) and to check if its pirated.
-Reset language back to English if you mistakenly changed the language.
> * < < * < *
-Service Menu – tells you the phone’s software version (good for checking your phone’s “age” before buying it) Press “Yes” repeatedly to see all the software data & press “>” to see all the texts available in your phone
< * * <
-SIM lock – Do not lock your phone if you don’t know the unlock code. This is another good check before you buy any phone, especially second hand ones. If phone is SIM locked, you may not be able to switch to other GSM operators
Save a Missed Call into your phone directory
-Scroll to “Missed Call”, press “Yes” to display the required number. Press any number (i.e. 0 to 9), then press “clear” once to clear that number, then press & hold “<” until you see “Store”. Press “Yes”
Hide your number when calling when you don’t want the other party to know your number)
-After dialling the required number & before pressing “Yes”, press “>” twice to choose “Hide Id?” & then press “Yes”. Also works for pre-programmed & last dialled numbers just press “No” & wait for the number to appear on the screen first then follow same procedure
Check you battery level when phone is off
Press “No” quickly one time & wait for the battery meter to show up!
Save a number into your phone memory (not SIM card)
-Follow normal procedures to store a phone number. When prompted to set a storage position, press “#” once & key in desired location, or press “#” twice for next available position
Call a phone number from SMS message
-You can call from within a SMS message if the phone number is written in it. Just scroll the message until the phone number appears on the display, then press “Yes” to c
hope these all secret codes,tricks and tips were useful to you.if you any other codes pls feel free to post a comment.thanks for reading.

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