Top 10 Fun, Cheap and Free iPhone Apps

Here are ten apps that won’t annoy you (OK, Alarm Free might) and are either clever diversions or simply fun toys. All links take you to the App Store. Check out the gallery for a preview of everything I’ve mentioned. All of these were free when I first downloaded them, as I’m a terrible cheapskate, but several now cost between $.99 and $1.99, which isn’t bad

Ancient Wisdom
Basically just a database of quotes from three philosophers: Lao Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi and Sun Tzu. To make it a little more fun the developers make the quotes come from cute cartoon monkeys. Not exactly genius, but fun and the quotes are, of course, pure gold. Better than a Magic 8-Ball, I think.
Newtonica Player
This simple app has you spin a mesh ball to generate a “beat” that times the pace of the electronica music. There is a surprising amount of depth to the song, simple as it is. I was able to modify the tune a bit depending on my spinning, direction and how long I kept spinning. Terribly simple but fun because of those little tonal surprises.

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