Vodafone launches webstore on FB

Everyday we see a host of new benchmarks in the mobile world with the launch of smartphones and tabs with special features. On the other hand, the telecom space was filled with new but boring tariff plans. Vodafone has taken a step to break this monotony…and they have come up with a self help- feature…Vodafone Webstore

But is there anything special about it? Yes, there is something more special- this webstore is featuring in none other than our very favorite – Facebook.
Now, you must be wondering why Vodafone has opted for such an initiative? Cummon, it’s the best way to interact with the customers and we are quite sure that most of the customers have a profile in Facebook (at least the young ones do!).

With the new webstore, you can top-up your mobile account, make bill payments, set caller tunes, download songs, and buy deals via Vodafone M-shop. So,  visit the webstore and explore a new world of Vodafone.

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