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Sony Ericsson inspirational 12MP Camera Phone in-progressSony Ericsson G900-Touchscreen Mobile WonderSony Ericsson W595 to target music freaksGadgets devour power like anything- tips to conserve energy costsvicky posted on October 15, 2008 13:06We have stocked our homes with big-screen TVs, computers, cell phones and consumer electronics and possibly latest tech products etc. and we all love running our gadgets 24×7 in bid to retrieve most out of them. The result is outrageously high electricity bills raising our pulse rate.

With an increased practice of Consumers going for more and more gadgets every thing is increasing like level of greenhouse gases emission and global warming issue and your electricity bill of course as mentioned earlier. However, we are not forcing you to throw you expensive gadgets and electronic appliances but we are recommending some tips that will help you a lot.
1.) By Unplugging appliances when not in use you save much of electric energy than your body energy.
2.) By selecting the most energy-efficient models at the time of replacement you are at least not overloading your home with unnecessary appliances.
3.) By Reducing, reusing and recycling you are actually contributing significantly for global warming.
4.) Using solar appliances instead of appliances which are dependent on non-renewable energy resources, you are cutting the carbon emissions directly or indirectly.
5.) We have always been writing tips for laptop batteries to increase the battery life and backup. You can always refer to them on our website.
6.) You can always look blueunplugged.com for searching energy efficient products for all types of gadgets ranging from laptop to mobile phones. It stores a lot of solar run gadgets.
7.) Reduce the amount of wastage produced by you by least buying packaged goods, choosing reusable products over disposable ones, and ofcourse recycling.
8.) And most importantly don’t read this article as a subject of fun rather discussion among groups can actually trigger you to act on this deadly issue.
Posted in: Tips and Tricks Tags: tips and tricksActions: E-mail Permalink Comments (0) Comment RSS E-mail Kick it! DZone it! del.icio.us Be the first to rate this postCurrently 0/5 Stars.1234512 Biggest Advantages of Bluetooth Technologyharry posted on October 6, 2008 09:19Friends, you read a lot about Bluetooth almost daily and most of you must also be having them as well. Apart from its basic benefits you must also know what other kind of real benefits it offers. Here is an insight to 12 benefits of Bluetooth and its utilities.
Wireless synchronisation – you can eliminate wires along with improving safety with Bluetooth. You need not worry about carrying connection cables while travelling with your laptop or other wireless devices. Economical – The Bluetooth technology is cheap to implement for the companies resulting in lower costs hence, these savings are passed from the company to you making it economical. Universally accepted – Bluetooth technology is accepted world wide, with it gaining so much popularity, you can rely on it for years to come with an advent of more and more devices started to use Bluetooth technology. Automatic – setting up Bluetooth connectivity is automatic Bluetooth and doesn’t need professionals. When two or more devices enter a range of up to 30 feet of each other the communication automatically begins between them. Upgradeable – Upgradeable Bluetooth standard versions of Bluetooth in the offer various new advantages and backward compatibility with older versions. Standard protocol – Bluetooth is standardized wireless guarantees the high level of compatibility among devices. Bluetooth devices connect to each other irrespective of their model. Instant PAN (Personal Area Network) – You can have your own personal are network for sharing data among your group consisting of up to seven Bluetooth devices within a range of up to 30 feet. Faster data and voice Sharing – you can share data and voice communications via Bluetooth with compatible devices connected to it.
Simplifies communication while driving – companies like parrot manufactures Bluetooth car kits resolving the audio and communication issues arising while driving, as Bluetooth simplifies talking and listening music on your cell phone while driving.
Avoids interference from other wireless devices – Bluetooth devices avoid interference from other wireless devices with the usage of technique known as frequency hopping, and low power wireless signals. Low power consumption – Bluetooth with the help of low power signals technology requires very less energy reducing the battery consumption or electrical power. Best alternative to data transfer – in case of corrupt flash/pen drives or DVD/CD ROM. It has helped a lot of times when I forgot my pen drive.
Posted in: Bluetooth , Tips and Tricks Tags: bluetoothActions: E-mail Permalink Comments (0) Comment RSS E-mail Kick it! DZone it! del.icio.us Be the first to rate this postCurrently 0/5 Stars.12345Three Factors worth considering before buying a Bluetooth USB Dongleharry posted on September 24, 2008 12:56Well there is no skepticism in saying that Bluetooth Dongle have proved to be effective solutions for almost all gadgets – notebooks, smartphones just to name a few. In simple words a dongle is nothing but a small piece of hardware that helps in transferring data from one gadget to another at a fast speed. Most of us get perplexed in buying one due to enormous choice available in the market. Nothing to ponder about any more as here I present the three most significant factors to consider before buying a USB Dongle.
Speed is important
The main work of dongle is transferring any data by securing wireless connection through Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, PDA and notebook. In this context its speed becomes a very important factor to watch out for. 2.1Mbps is considered to be a reasonable speed. Ofcourse this largely depends upon the Bluetooth Compliance Technology in use.
Range does matters as many USB dongles are capable of transferring information only if they qualify certain distance limits. Up to 10 metres is reasonable but if you are looking for more a range up to 30 metres will be a perfect to meet your requirements. This too again largely depends upon the Bluetooth Compliance Technology in use.
As far as design factor is concerned it is always recommended to carry a light and compact Bluetooth dongle to avoid any bulk and inconvenience. A weight around 35-45 g is a decent choice to make for.
Other factors include Radio Frequency Band; Operating Temperature; Synchronisation; and Power Consumption.

Posted in: Bluetooth , Tips and Tricks Tags: bluetooth, tips and tricksActions: E-mail Permalink Comments (0) Comment RSS E-mail Kick it! DZone it! del.icio.us Be the first to rate this postCurrently 0/5 Stars.12345All you need to know about laptop batteriesjessica posted on September 15, 2008 10:53Laptop batteries hold utmost significance as they keep your laptop powered up and allow it to perform various functions. Well here are some of the aspects which you should know regarding laptop batteries. Take a look.
Types of batteries
Generally laptop batteries come in three different forms namely Lithium Ion, NiCad, and NiMh. These forms can further be classified into different types that are rechargeable, universal and external.
One must always clean the battery’s metal contacts with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to make your laptop more efficient. Also make sure that you do not use irrelevant applications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IR radios frequently.
Turning down the brightness of the LCD panel to the lowest level will help you power up your battery and make your battery strong indeed!

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