Avast Antivirus Pro & Avast Internet Security 6.0.1000

Download Antivirus Pro 6.0.1000 Crack

Download Internet Security 6.0.1000 Crack

A. Installation notes:

This cracked ashBase.dll simply should be replaced with the original ashBase.dll.

Make sure to read all the install notes below and understand.

If the crack is detected by your antivirus software then add the crack to

the "exclusions" lists of real-time protection and auto-scan. You may need to disable real-time protection and auto-scan before copying the crack into
the avast program directory, and when adding the crack to the exclusions lists.

If the crack is removed by your antivirus software then Simply Redownload or
restore and exclude
the crack through your antivirus (Quarantaine or History, or something similar).

Uninstall any previous installed version of avast first.

01. Disconnect internet during installation.

02. Install avast.IS.6.0.1000 or avast.AV.Pro.6.0.1000 (not both!) in trial mode.

03. It's recommended to uncheck "Participate in the avast! community".
    (Such info is used to add crack signatures etc to virus databases.)

04. To install additional avast languages choose avast "Custom Installation".
    > Don't download languages through avast (it will render the license invalid)!

05. After installation do NOT reboot, and run avast.


06. At Settings -> Troubleshooting: uncheck "Enable avast! self-defense module".

07. Launch Windows Task Manager by pressing keyboard keys CTRL - SHIFT - Esc,
    and let it show all users running processes.

08. Terminate AvastSvc.exe and AvastUI.exe in Windows Task Manager.

Note - Avastsvc is avast service can be stopped through services tab!
Stop firewall Service for avast IS !

09. Copy and paste the included cracked ashBase.dll from the crack folder
into the avast program directory (replacing the original ashBase.dll file).
Default avast program directory -> C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast Or C:\Program Files\alwil software\avast

Note- replacing needs admin priveleges... if any trouble go to safe mode and paste !!

10. Reboot the computer after pasting the cracked ashBase.dll into the install dir.

11. Run avast, and check mark again "Enable avast! self-defense module".


12. At Settings > Updates, set PROGRAM "Automatic update" to > "Manual update".

13. Connect internet, and make sure that avast can connect to internet.

14. Subscription Should be Auto-activated ,
If not go to Maintenance -> Subscription -> Activate trial period And click Activate.

15. Wait a few seconds, and avast will be activated till 14-03-2050.

16. avast can now be updated, but update ONLY the engine and virus definitions Not the program.

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