ESET Smart Security 4 keys with serials

ESET Smart Security 4 combines multiple layers of protection to proactively detect and eliminate all dangers lurking in cyberspace.

    Personal Firewall

• Key Features

Take advantage of these powerful Smart Security 4 features and create your own digital safe-zone.

ThreatSense® Scanning Engine – Realtime protection against a full range of web-based attacks and other threats.
Personal Firewall – Protects your communication channels and data from unauthorized  breaches. Firewall profiles keep you safe as you move among the home network, public Wi-Fi or the office.
Antispam Module – A smart, self-learning filter keeps inboxes free from unsolicited email, an oft-used conduit for malware.
Removable Media Security – Keeps out threats from entering through exchangeable media including CDs and USB devices.
Anti-Stealth Technology – Detects and removes all dangerous rootkits that can hide in your computer.
Energy-Saving Laptop Mode – Saves power by postponing energy-intensive operations when systems are running on battery power.
ESET SysInspector – Provides powerful diagnostic capabilities for your operating system.
ESET SysRescue – Allows to create a rescue CD or USB drive.

• Newest Product Highlights

We continually upgrade our solutions to deliver the best in online security, including:
Improved Malware Cleaning – ESET effectively eliminates difficult to clean computer threats.
Trusted Zone Authentication – Identify trusted network zones and  your firewall profile settings switch on the fly as you move between trusted network sites.
Firewall Profiles – Our new Learning Mode saves you time as it automatically creates firewall rules by observing how you use the network.

• Experience ESET's Benefits
Simple-to-Install – Smart Security 4 features offer highly customizable settings to precisely fit your needs.
High Performance – high scanning speed combined with low memory demands ensures your computer does not slow you down.
Proactive Protection – industry-leading detection technology detects yet unknown threats to delivers real-time protection from malware.

• Rely on Time-tested Performance

ESET's protection continues to earn awards from independent benchmark testing groups for three main reasons:

    Security updates are discretely sent to your computer to ensure a consistently strong line of defense.
    Disk-intensive operations, such as a full disk scan, all run quietly in the background.
    Interruptions are minimal – ESET avoids unnecessary pop-ups and alerts, notifying you only about events that require your attention.

•Eset Nod32 Username And Password 1-08-2011:

Username: EAV-49730916
Password: tb6uj53rn2
Expiry date: 03.11.2011

Username: EAV-49730989
Password: kttjet3dvp
Expiry date: 03.11.2011

Username: EAV-49731054
Password: knjnx7sa34
Expiry date: 03.11.2011

Username: EAV-49731055
Password: xustx2sfrf
Expiry date: 03.11.2011

Username: EAV-49733389
Password: fkf468jba8
Expiry date: 03.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736705
Password: mbx5d7emcm
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736706
Password: 2h7acxet44
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736709
Password: jcdc6krptc
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736710
Password: du743m486r
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736726
Password: csa8vmvdxx
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736727
Password: 7a3xsn8vac
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736729
Password: vmfbr88bp7
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Username: EAV-49736751
Password: ekj66p3kmv
Expiry date: 04.11.2011

Genuine Nod32 2012 Keys 1-08-2011 Till 2012

Username: EAV-49691486
Password: vtj2e38kaj
Expiry date: 31.01.2012

Username: EAV-49691489
Password: fns48njf3t
Expiry date: 31.01.2012

Username: EAV-49691490
Password: tu288ejnr8
Expiry date: 31.01.2012

Username: EAV-49723487
Password: d34fmn3xde
Expiry date: 31.01.2012

Username: EAV-49725579
Password: mxr5evmnvd
Expiry date: 31.01.2012

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