Nero 10.05

Install CD with Key 9X03-016C-MXEX-4536-T0L7-2W2T-AMPX-97TA

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Serial : 9X03-016C-MXEX-4536-T0L7-2W2T-AMPX-97TA
Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Serial : 9X03-0154-4H84-WWPL-1WPZ-AP64-K532-XMML
mp3PRO plug-in                  : 1C00-8014-9880-2000-408M-M56E-C718
DTS Plug-in                     : 9K00-00E3-8K80-5530-5058-14CE-8KK5
Gracenote Plug-in               : 9M0C-0190-4Z3K-M008-TM94-P39K-EP7Z-9427
BlueRay Video Plug-In           : 1EE0-4X07-194A-0K04-9E21-73XA-XAA3
Blu-ray Disc Authoring Plug-in  : 9M13-00A3-8T91-P7L7-2AUH-9CMZ-01UW-7XX4

Nero - Multimedia Suite 10

Create it, edit, play and organize all your video, photos and music files:

- Add advanced personal keys to slide shows, and special

� effects to movies, to bioscopische DVD-Video, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies

  create such a real expert

- Add photo and video screenings film theme? S and turn projects directly

  to Nero Vision on advanced editing and production of video

- Use multiple video and audio tracks for true multi-track editing with

  overlay effects (PIP) using videos, images, text and graphics


- Create a overlay animation effects with full key frame control and add

  sophisticated transition effects between clips on all tracks

- You can use the advanced design functions for individual

  creating new graphics, new buttons and menu? s. You can

  freely link to videos

- Use Smart Encoding for a quick output of high definition video (MPEG 2,

  AVCHD) on Blu-ray discs including the quality of 24p frame format

- Quick search and playback, and easily organize all your photos, videos and

  music with the all-in-Ã © Ã © n-media organizer

- Publish music, slideshows and video projects onto CDs, DVDs and

  Blu-ray discs or share pictures and videos on social media communities.

Make backups of all your personal data and restore it in a few easy steps:

- Create a backup of your entire system in a few easy steps without

  the settings of your computer having to configure.

- Plan backups to single or multiple hard drives, CDs, DVDs,

  Blu-ray disks, FTP servers, memory cards or online storage in à © à © n times.

- Perform incremental, differentia «le, update or complete backups.

- High-tech features with Auto Backup for data recovery and system


- Recover your files, folders, drives, disks and even your entire

  operating system after a computer crash, hard drive failure or virus attack.

- Restore photos, MP3s, documents and folders from scratched or damaged CDs and

  DVDs in just a few steps.

- Synchronize data between computers and mobile devices for a

  easy access to your files and folders wherever you are.

- Recover deleted files from hard disks, CDs, DVDs, flash storage

  and diskettes.

- Enhanced Auto Backup features offer advanced storage options with maximum

  data security.

Burn and copy data reliably, music, pictures and videos on CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc:

- Burn and copy technology leader in the industry, for CD, DVD and Blu-ray


- Ensure that the data be readable regardless of scratches, or wear with age

  SecurDisc technology.

- Simply use "drag and drop" to move to CDs, DVDs and

  Blu-ray discs to burn or store on hard drives, networks and

  USB devices.

- Split large files to disk to multiple disks or different types


- Get reliable, uninterrupted fire projects with a superior

  playback quality.

- Convert audio files automatically saved to other formats.

- Create the audio CDs to MP3s on different media players to play.

- Rip audio CDs in all popular formats.

- Compile CDs that contain both audio and data files.

- Check the burning speed, and write data set methods.

- Add extra security protection for your data far burned through

  personal passwords and codes.

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