Send Free Fax from internet

Many people are searching for free fax service.These services make
it possible to send faxes in a
variety of ways and
all you

need is
an internet
Peruse this list of the ten best

free online
fax services and
test one out for yourself.
1. ScanR
Fax from anywhere when you
scan your documents right into
your cell phone and convert
them into digital files. All you
need to do is take a
picture of

the document that you want to
fax, send it to one of the
ScanR email addresses, and
then it can be sent out as a
fax. There is no charge for
basic service
2. PamFax
If you haven’t used PamFax
before, you can start by
sending some faxes for free
from this service that is fully
integrated with Skype. This
highly secure site is a favorite
because it supports many file
formats other than just PDF or
DOC files that most
online fax

3. MyFax
Those faxing internationally will
want to try the free fax

from MyFax. They
allow users to send 100 free
faxes per month and receive
200 for free. It is compatible
with many types of files and
integrates easily with

and Outlook.
4. Pop fax
Try PopFax for free when you
sign up for a trial and fax right
away from your computer.
There is no

installation required and your
documents can be kept in their
system for thirty days. They
also fax worldwide.
5. RingCentral Fax
allows users to send 150 free
faxes per month. You are able
receive faxes
from any type
fax machine
when you go
through this service. It is PC
and Mac compatible. A desktop
call controller makes it easy to
manage all of your faxes.

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