Free Gprs Trick for all network Feb 2012 by  M14 Computers

Hello Friends Once again i came here with latest  free gprs tricks for all networks.

Airtel Free GPRS Tricks Feb 2012:-

Step 1:- This trick is working on Back Query, So download any handler UI application.
Step 2:- Now select MO as a default and launch the handler application.
Step 3:- Now on handler application select and edit "Back Query" and then type any below URL.





Step 4:- Now save settings and Use free Gprs tricks with high speed.


BSNL 3G Free GPRS Tricks Feb 2012:-

Step 1:-  To use this trick you have to 3G supported device and BSNL 3G activated sim.
Step 2:- Now change internet settings same as below.

Name :BSNL 3G
Service Type 1 WAP
Gateway IP : 1
Port no : 1 : 9209.
Timeout: NEVER
CSD No.1
User Name1: ppp
Password1: ppp123
APN setting:
User Name : ppp
Password : ppp123

Step 3:- Save the settings and Enjoy free Internet at 3Mbps speed.

Aircel Free GPRS Tricks Feb 2012:-

Step 1:- This tricks is working on default Internet settings(Pocket Internet), just use the below query as your homepage.


Step 2:-  replace http://google.com with the website which you want to surf and keep balance at 1RS.

IDEA Free GPRS Tricks Feb 2012:-

FREE IDEA GPRS to appy that trick your mobile should have balace more than 5 ruppees but less than 6 ruppees NOTE=once u appy that trick your balance starts to grow.The moment it reaches 15 ruppees use it and bring it back to 5 ruppees again. OTHERWISE-balance becomes 0 ruppees and internet gets disconnected.

Step 1:- Go to your connection menu.
Step 2:- create new connection(settings).
Step 3:- Now Put the below settings

Access point=imis
I.P. address=
proxy port=8080
connection security =On
Username=your phone number
Password=your number

Step 4:- set as default access point and enjoy free internet.

Vodafone Free GPRS Tricks Feb 2012:-

Step 1:- Send BONUS 149 to

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