Hello Friends We are going to share you this trick with which you can browse and download for free using Airtel sim card.

For this you need to Download a Software Called Cproxy.

You Can Download It From here  

Now you need to register on Cproxy From here  

Now you dont have to do anything:

Just Fill Up Your Registration Data as Shown and choose you server as Prague-CZ,UDP:9201

Now restart your Software.
Now Connect you PC using airtelgprs.com and start Cproxy. Wait till it gets connected And now You are Free To browse And Download.

IDM ( Internet Download Manager) Configuration:

Go to proxy / socks
Tick on proxy
Fill As:
Proxy server address:
Port: 3128
Mark http , https , ftp.

Now You Are Free to download Using IDM.

IMP: One Trail account will remain active for three days. And You can create one account with one email only.
Solution for this is to create account on hotmail and then use hotmail aliases to create 5 aliases. Now you have total of 6 addreses on one account . So 18 Days. Create Multiple Hotmail Accounts.And Enjoy :)

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  1. Assalam O laikum.

    Muneer HUSSAIN how are you brother?

    I request you,So please keep your website on jpg/jpeg photo converter License.

    Your kindness to me will be great,

    Thank You So Much.

  2. sir plz mail me the procedure to find free home pages for airtel 3g because all the home pages are blocked in my state my email address is 2012akashsinghal@gmail.com

  3. all proxies are blocked like fb.me, mocricket, etc so how can we surf without them?

  4. no proxy even no proxy software are working

  5. Pretty good trick
    love you broda/sista :)


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