Airtel Free Working 3G GPRS Trick Latest April 2012

This trick is giving download speed about 200kbps with3.2 MBpS USB Modem This trick is 100% working.
 Step by Step Procedure to Use this Tricks On Pc:

1.Use Mobile office setting. [APN: airtelgprs.com]

2.Open Firefox. - Click On Tools -Select Option From Drop Down Menu -Click On Advance on the top menu of the popup box -Select Network tab. -Click on Setting -Click On Manual Proxy Config.Edit Following settings - HTTP: PORT: 80

3.Now quit fierfox and again open it. Now in url tab enter this

And press enter . Now you done . Use free.

 4.If you wana other site open then just replace google.com with your site name. And open it. How to use this settings In IDM??
 1.Open IDM
2.Click on Downloads on top nav.bar Select Option From Drop Down Menu
3 Click On proxy tab.
 4.Add Following proxy and Port as shown in Screenshot . - HTTP: PORT: 80

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  3. Proxy-


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