KonBoot v 1.1 32 & 64 bit

Product description:
Kon Boot is an application which will bypass the authentication process of a Windows logon. Kon Boot can work on either a USB flash drive, CD-ROM, or floppy diskette. (not included in this release)
Using Kon Boot is simple. First load it to your desired media (CD, USB flash, or floppy diskette) then insert it into the target computer, and start it up!
The password is not required to logon to Windows, nor is it overwritten. Simply plugin Kon Boot and let it do the rest.
A common scenario encountered by most computer users is lost or forgotten passwords. In other cases, such as in forensics, it is necessary to have a running version of the operating environment, and not just a raw listing of files.
Kon Boot is designed to be an administrative tool for skilled and non skilled users alike. It works with both computers and virtual machines.

Method:   Download Link

Its very Simple
Format your USB using Fat32
Keep it plugged in
Extract those files.
Now click on KonBootInstall.exe
A Cmd Window will open as shown in screenshot above.
Now what you have to do is to enter your USB drive path. As you can see mine is i and press Enter
It will say Kon Boot Loader successfully installed, press any key to exit.
Now you are done, your USB is ready.
Plugin your USB to the Computer you want to bypass the protection and start it and go to boot menu ( In my Laptop F12 ) . Select the USB devide You have plugged in and boot it. Now when it will ask for password just press Enter. And WOOOOW its done 

Enjoy !!!

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