Reveal a Password in your Browser with a Simple Trick by M14 Network

Firstly, go to a web page where you have to log in such as Google, or eBay, and hopefully your saved details will be entered from either the browser or password manager. The password will be hidden behind the bullets…

Double click on the password to highlight it, then right click on it and select ‘Inspect element’. In Firefox you will then need to click on the HTML button to view the html content.

Once you are viewing the html content for the page, the line for the password input should already be highlighted, as shown below. Look on that line for the value type=”password”. Double click on ‘password’, delete it and then press Enter.
Look back to the login details and your password will be revealed!
This works in pretty much all windows where a password is hidden behind bullets and is just a simple trick to quickly reveal the password that has already been saved to the browser or password manager. This is also useful if you have very long passwords you enter yourself and would like to see what’s being typed in to avoid mistakes. It may only save a few seconds over getting it yourself, but is still a handy thing to know.

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