Steganography In Images+Mp3+Video+Audio Files

When hiding information inside images the LSB (Least Significant Byte) method is usally used.
To a computer an image file is simply a file that shows different colors and intensities of light on
different area of an image. The best type of image file to hide information inside of is a 24 Bit.
BMP (Bitmap) image. The reason being is this is the largest type of file and it normally is of the
highest quality.
when an image is of high quality and resoulation is a lot easier to hide and mask information
inside of. Although 24 Bit images are best for hiding information inside of due to their size some
people may choose to use 8 Bit BMP's or possibly another image format such as Gif, the reason
being is that of posting of large images on the internet may arouse suspicion. It is important to
remember that if you hide information inside of an image file and that file is converted to another
image format, it is most likely the hidden information inside will be lost.

Some Commands To hide a secret Text file behind a Image file

Open CMD and write:

C:\Users\M14 Network>copy /b Image.bmp+secret.txt final.bmp   (Note: M14 Network Is my user name on my laptop)

This command will hide a secret.txt file Behind a Image.bmp File and create a new bmp file named
as Final.bmp. To see the secret message  right click on the final.bmp and open it with notepad. You
Can see the secret message in the last line.

OR open CMD and write:

C:\Users\M14 Network>notepad image.bmp:1

With this command we can attach ao many notepad named as 1,2,3,.etc and attach secret
message with the image.bmp file. If Anyone want to open this file again write the same command
in the CMD.

You can also use the all Image formats, Mp3's, Video's Etc.........

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