Dragon Dictate Naturally Speaking 11
Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 is the most accurate voice recognition software Nuance has ever developed - delivering accuracy that can exceed 99%.  No other product delivers the proven accuracy and ease-of-use that make Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium (formerly known as Preferred) the world's best selling voice recognition software - ideal for the PC enthusiast or small business user.
Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to replace typing with the simplicity of using your voice to turn speech into text at up to 160 words per minute.  Create email, documents and spreadsheets more than three times faster than typing - simply by speaking with this voice recognition software.

Plus, Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to use your voice to control your PC.  Start programs, use menus and surf the web all by using this voice recognition software.  The age of speech regcognition has arrived, and Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 11.5 gives you everything you need to get started in minutes.
- includes a high quality headset microphone with noise-canceling technology.
During installation use this key:

Chose activate automatically and use this serial:


Dragon 11.5 Premium delivers significantly improved accuracy, reducing recognition errors by up to 15% over Dragon 10. Plus, it detects hardware resources and automatically sets up the recommended configuration for optimal performance. 

More Dragon Voice Shortcuts: Just say what you want to do, and Dragon does it. In addition to simple commands that create email, schedule appointments, and search the Web or desktop, now you can use “Search [website] for [xyz]” commands to conduct specific searches on Facebook.com, MySpace.com, Twitter, IRS.gov, and the Nuance technical KnowledgeBase. Custom Commands: Dragon works the way you work. Users can create custom voice commands -- quickly and easily -- to insert frequently used text and/or graphics for dramatic time savings.

The Dragon Sidebar allows users to discover and access key commands and tips by putting them in one convenient desktop location. Its content automatically changes depending on which window is currently active. Dragon Premium works with just about any Windows® application -- Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Outlook®, Internet Explorer®, OpenOffice® Writer, and more -- making the applications you rely on every day faster and easier to use.

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