Home Page Hacking using IIS Exploit Using Windows 7 : Complete Tutorial With Screenshot

Hello Friends as few of our viewers ask in our previous post so i am putting a screen shot tutorial explaining IIS Exploit In Deep .:)

IIS Exploit website Hacking in Windows Seven 7 Step By Step Explained with Images

Step 1- Click To Enlarge

(Go to My Computer, Do Right Cilck and Select Add a network Location)

Step 2- Click To Enlarge
(click on Next)

Step 3- Click To Enlarge
(click on Next) 

Step 4- Click To Enlarge
(now enther The URL of vuln website and Click on Next, For example tka this site http://www.myxixia.com/)

Step 5- Click To Enlarge
(click on next button) 

Step 6- Click To Enlarge
(Now click on Finish)

Step 7- Click To Enlarge
(see Network Location Option And click on website folder)

Step 8- Now Download the Shell  http://www.ziddu.com/download/16498227/shell.zip.html 

Step 9- Click To Enlarge
(After Downloading do right click on file and click on Extract here)

Step 10- Click To Enlarge
(Now copy the Power.asp;.jpg file and open the web folder of vuln website)

Step 11- Click To Enlarge
(now paste the power.asp;.jpg file in web folder)

Step 12- Click To Enlarge
(Paste Complete)

Step 13 - Click To Enlarge
(Now open Your Browser and enter The site addres and put Power.asp;.jpg after url for example http://www.myxixia.com/power.asp;.jpg)

Step 14- Click To Enlarge
( Now click on edit file index.asp)

Step 15- Click To Enlarge
(open your deface html file. do right click and select open with notepad)

Step 16- Click To Enlarge
(Copy all code)

Step 17- Click To Enlarge
(paste the all code in that popup which yu got after clicking edit index.asp and click on save)

Step 18- Click To Enlarge
(now you wil got a page tike this)

Step 18 -You've done :) now when you will open that website you will got your deface page on home :)

I hope you like this tutorial :)

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