Crack cPanels using WhmKiller Shell

Hello Readers!! Today i'm gonna tell you how to crack cPanel passwords using WhmKiller Shell.


Shelled website with Symlink vulnerability.
WhmKiller Shell [Click here to download].

Before we begin I suggest you to read an article on Anonymity, if you are new in hacking field.


First of all create config files by following symlink tutorial.

Then find config file of whmcs,whmcs config files are mainly named as xzy-billing.txt or xyz-clients.txt etc, but all whmcs config files are look like :-

After finding the whmcs config file, upload the whmkiller shell in the server, which I have mention in the requirements and then open it.

In db_host box, copy paste the host from config file to whmkiller shell. Usually host is localhost.
In db_username, db_password, db_name and in cc_encryption_hash. Do the same thing, just copy paste all the credentials to these boxes and then click on submit button.
After a click on submit button, you will be redirected to this page if you submitted a valid credentials.

Then goto under Clients Hosting Accounts.

Now you have successfully done, log in at xyz.com:2082 or <site_ip>:2082.

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