Some Very Interesting Websites For Hacking.

Hello folks, Here are some cool websites for information gathering about your victim and other cool tools online. Have fun…

www.centralops.net -
This is a very interesting website for online information gathering website with all the basic tools inbuilt.
You can use this website for online tools like   NSLOOKUP,PING,WHOIS,TRACEROUTE…One of the importance of using these websites for the hacking purpose is it wont be easy to trace back because the website’s server is getting used for all this information.

www.archive.org -
This is also a good piece of information. this website is a WAYBACK MACHINE form this you can watch any website not only todays updated one but also way back from the day it is started. like if yo you want to see how EBAY.COM was when it was just started years ago. You can just put ebay.com on this website and you can see ebay.com every single day how it looks from the day it was started till today…

www.tamos.com -
This is website which will help you in tracing the ip address graphically..and you can find out which country the ip address belongs ad other details.

ServerSniff.net – Your free “Swiss Army Knife” for networking, serverchecks and routing with many many little toys and tools for administrators, webmasters, developers, powerusers und security-aware users.

You can spend days on this site just using all the inbuilt tools on this website… have fun ..

NOTE:- All this information is for education purpose only please dont use it for any kind of illegal activity. stay safe keep hacking… 

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