Want more tools on right-click context menu.

You can now enhance the right-click context menu with the commands 'show more tools on right-click context menu' by making a small modifiaction to your windows registry. With this option you will save lot of clicks in the future.

For activating this option all you need to do is to go to 'Start' and type 'regedit.exe'in the 'Search for programs and files' field. Windows immediately displays the result of your search in the start menu.
"OR" press 'Win + R'  and type 'regedit' and hit 'OK'. Now at the left pane, navigate to the key.


Now right click on "Shell" choose-->New-->Key
Add Name as "Administrative Tools" now Again click on "Administrative Tools"  Choose-->New-->Key
Add Name as "command"
Now on right-pane Side, Right-Click on empty space & choose "String Value" add the name "(Default)"
Now right-click on "(Default)" & set "value data" as "control admintools"
now right click on desktop anywhere to see this effect.

Please Make All The Settings Same As Administrative Tools.

     Tools                                                Name                      Type                               Data

  1. Administrative Tools...             (Default)               REG_SZ             control admintools
  2. Appearance                             (Default)               REG_SZ             control desk.cpl,,2
  3. Change Cursor                         (Default)               REG_SZ             control main.cpl,,1
  4. Change Date / Time                (Default)               REG_SZ             control timedate.cpl
  5. Change Regional Settings        (Default)               REG_SZ             control intl.cpl
  6. Change Sound                         (Default)               REG_SZ             control mmsys.cpl,,2
  7. Change Wallpaper             (Default)                   REG_SZ            control desk.cpl,,@desktop
  8. Desktop Icons Settings              (Default)              REG_SZ             control desk.cpl,,0
  9. DPI Scaling                              (Default)              REG_SZ             dpiscaling
  10. Folder Options                         (Default)              REG_SZ             control folders
  11. Fonts                                       (Default)              REG_SZ              control fonts 
  12. Network Connections               (Default)              REG_SZ              control ncpa.cpl
  13. Programs and Features          (Default)              REG_SZ              control appwiz.cpl
  14. Registry Editor                        (Default)              REG_SZ              regedit
  15. Screen Resolution                   (Default)              REG_SZ              control desk.cpl,,3
  16. System Properties                   (Default)              REG_SZ              control sysdm.cpl
  17. Task Manager                        (Default)               REG_SZ              taskmgr
  18. Task schedular                      (Default)               REG_SZ             Control schedtasks
  19. User Accounts                        (Default)               REG_SZ             Control userpasswords

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