Hello friends many people does ask me many time about VPN So Here Is A small description on VPN and Free VPN That Every one always in search for .

::VPN (Virtual Private Network)::

Every hacker wants ton stay anonymous as possible on internet whenever you’re doing some exploit. Well, basically, you just want to stay anonymous so that you won’t have to worry about the police knocking at your door.A VPN is mainly used for anonymity purposes.
There are many VPNs existing or available free or paid but here are some good list that you can trust for becoming anonymous on internet.
Technically Connections to VPNs are encrypted which means that your data is safe from snooping users in the same network. This means you do not have to fear that someone in a hotel, Internet cafe or airport can steal personal information and data from you.

VPN helps you to surf anonymously.

One is CyberGhost. It has a free and paid subscription, so it’s up to you to choose. Unfortunately, for free subscription, you can’t portforward, which you’ll need when you are using a RAT (Remote Administration Tool).

Another good VPN which have a free subscription is HotSpotShield, although it is not recommended because they keep logs (but to tell you honestly, EVERY VPN KEEPS LOGS, even if they claim they don’t).

Another free VPN is proXPN, but it also keeps logs, so be careful if you would use it.

Another one is OpenVPN, which is mainly used to download tools/files from survey sites.

Another free VPN is VPNReactor, but if I’m not mistaken, they’re also keeping logs, so another caution if you’re going to use this VPN.

For paid VPNs, nVPN is good, plus the advantage of it’s portforwarding feature. It is mainly used for RATs.

For download of the VPNs mentioned above,You can Click on below links:

CyberGhost VPN Download (Official Site)

HotSpotShield VPN Download (Official Site)

proXPN VPN Download (Official Site)

OpenVPN Download (Official Site)

VPNReactor Download (Official Site)

nVPN Download (Official Site)

There is Another Best tool to use is HideMan A free VPN Service with multiple Location

Hideman provides its customers with VPN and Wi-Fi protection services. VPN is short for “Virtual Private Network,” which basically allows for an encrypted pathway between servers and hardware. As a result, all computers and web presences using a VPN are completely anonymous, ensuring unsurpassed privacy.

Hideman offers this service through their special software which can be downloaded for free. In order to utilize the service, the user runs the software and manually establishes a unique IP address and country of origin.

Hideman’s software is completely free to download. On top of that, its users will also be able to use it for four hours a week, providing a nearly “unlimited” free trial.

For Windows : Click here Link1   & Link 2 Click Here
Also Available for Android Get it Here

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