Getting passwords from internet cafe or library

Hi guys and girls thought I would share a method that I use to use that still works.
I used this method at libraries and internet cafes and also when you cracked a access point IE next doors internet.

1. Download Cain & Abel from there website
Your virus proggy might go mental but its a false positive, you would know this if you have ever used c&A.

2. Install the program and also when it asked to install packet driver (winpcap) go ahead and install it because it wont work with out winpcap.

3. Ok now run the program Cain.

4. At the top click the tab configure and choose your adapter (the one with the ip address) and click apply and ok.

5. second lot of icons now click start/stop sniffer and click next to it start stop APR. so make sure you have these two running.

6. click the next tabs down click Sniffer.

7. after clicking Sniffer you will see some ip address and mac, highlight it and RIGHT click and choose option scan mac address and click ok at the bottom.

8. after scanning through you will be given 1 or many more mip and macs.

9. Now look at the bottom of Cain and you will see some tabs please click the APR tab, now left click inside the top empty grid untill you see the plus sign highlighted in blue

10. click the blue plus sign and you will have a popup with ip address and macs, click the first ip address to highlight it and it will shop more in right column.
In the right column left click the first ip address to highlight it and then click ok, then in the left column chose the second ip in the row and then click it and then in the right column chose first ip address again.
do this to all the ip address until finished.

11. you will now see your ips being status (poisoning) if you don't see that then look at number 5 again to make sure there clicked.

12. Bottom of Cain look for tab passwords click it, you will then see on the left column a list, please click HTTP and then wait for your victims to start login in to websites and it will show you on the right column there details and logins.

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