How To Start Hacking - The Right Way [A Unique Guide]

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Hacker ?
  2. Types of Hacker
  3. Black Hat Hacker
  4. White Hat Hacker
  5. Grey Hat Hacker
  6. Choosing your side
  7. Knowing Cyber Laws
  8. Never Give Up
  9. Finding Learning Sources
  10. Asking Questions
  11. Doing Practically
  12. Be Creative
  13. No Hesitation
  14. Language
  15. Behavior
  16. About Tutorial
  17. About Me


What is a Hacker ?
Hacker is a person that have great knowledge about computer, though the term also refer to a person who find vulnerability in a computer system. It also refer to a person that have unauthorized access to a computer or network.

Types of Hacker ?
Hackers are divided into three categories according to their work. These three categories are:

  1. Black Hat Hacker
  2. White Hat Hacker
  3. Grey Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hacker
Black hat hackers are those hackers that do illegal things such as gaining unauthorized access to computer or network for financial, personal profit or with motives to harm. They create botnets of infected computers to use them for attacking,stealing personal information and spam campaigns.


  1. It's fun to hack into someone pc.
  2. Do not need to work under law.
  3. You can hack into someone pc to view it's data.
  4. You can attack anyone you want with your botnet.
  5. If you hack something big then you will be famous.
  6. You can hack into anyone computer and could do whatever you want.
  7. You can hack for money!
  8. Sometimes Government/Private Companies or Organisation employ black hat hackers to spy on other governments,companies or organisation.


  1. Fear of getting caught.
  2. You always have to make sure that you cover all your steps that you leave behind.
  3. You always need to be a step ahead from law enforcements.
  4. Your parents will not allow you to do illegal things.
  5. You can not showoff your work with your real info.

White Hat Hacker
White hat hackers are those hackers that do not harm anyone. They hack to test security of a computer or network. After finding any problem in security of a computer or network they report it to owners or fix it themselves. They do not do illegal things.


  1. It's fun to trace hackers
  2. You can take down hackers botnet.
  3. You can showoff your work with real info.
  4. There are many job opportunities for white hat hackers in field of digital security.
  5. You can set trap for hackers.
  6. You get unique satisfaction by helping peoples to secure their pc.


  1. You are not allowed to harm anyone.
  2. You have to work under law.
  3. You are not allowed to do black hat activities.
  4. It is possible that you will be attacked by a black hat hacker.

Grey Hat Hacker
Grey Hat Hackers are those hackers that do both black hat and white hat activities. They do whatever they want to do. Grey Hat Hackers do both illegal and legal things.


  1. You can do both black hat and white hat activites.
  2. You can harm anyone.
  3. You can help anyone.
  4. You can take botnets down or setup your own botnet.
  5. You can do whatever you want to do!.


  1. There are no particular job for grey hat hackers.
  2. Doing white hat activities along with black hat activities does not mean you are safe from law enforcement.
  3. Real info given while doing white hat activities can help law enforcement to trace you.

Choosing your side
Now you know types of hacker,their advantages and disadvantages. It will be easy for you now to choose your side. But remember to think in depth before you choose your side. You should think things such as "Will your parents will you to do this ?", "Do you really wan to do this ?", "Can you put all efforts required in the side you choose ?" etc. There are many things you should think about before you choose your side.

Knowing Cyber Laws
It's important to know cyber laws of your country. It does not matter if you are white hat,black hat or grey hat hacker. You should know cyber laws of your country. Knowing cyber law of your country will help you understand what is allowed and what not. It will also help you in known if doing this will break your low or not. You can easily find your country cyber law by searching about them on google.

Never Give Up
You should never give up in anything. This also apple to real life. If you face problem then don't just give up,learn from mistake and try again until you get success. Always think positive and never give up. Keep going.

Finding Learning Sources
Now you know laws of your country and what side on you are. So,the next step in to start learning hacking. To do that we need a source from where we can learn hacking. There are many sources on internet for leaning hacking. You can find these sources by searching on Google but as you are reading my guide you already know one source (M14 Network Inc.). Always try to find a friendly source like M14 Network Inc. as your are going to ask question and a friendly source is necessary for asking questions.

Asking Questions
It's important to clear all your questions. If you have a question then try to search about it on net if you can't find then ask your question in online hacking communities or ask to your learning source. Always remember a good hacker is one that have his all questions answered. Keep trying until you find the answer of question.

Doing Practically
You should try what you have learnt. If you don't do this then you will never be able to become a successful hacker. So,if you learn something then try it and don't give up until you get success.

Be Creative
In order to become a successful hacker, you should be creative. You should always try to find new ways. You have to think outside the box in order to find new ways and to be creative. Simply you have to apply your own ideas and test it if they work.

No Hesitation
You should never hesitate,always do what you want to do. Live fearless and confident. Try what you want to do. Simply live fearless and be awesome.

It's important to have good English in order to communicate properly. Your English should be average not poor. If you have poor English then you will face problem in understanding tutorials and asking questions. So,try to learn English at least to average level if your English is poor.

Your behavior must be good. You should treat everyone equally and with respect. No one is born with knowledge. Everyone start from basic. So,help other members if you can,do not treat them badly.

About Tutorial
I decided to write this tutorial because when i started learning hacking i could not find a good tutorial for  to Beginners know how to start hacking and how to become a hacker. So,i decided to write my own tutorial to help others.

About Me
I am Tanveer Hussain. I am from India (Kashmir) and i am 26 year old. I love computer and currently studying in Information Security & Ethical Hacking.
Thank You!

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