How to Hack Gmail Facebook using FUD Keylogger

First Download Project Neptune Keylogger

-Open the program

-Double click on the program where you downloaded it

First check the button that says “Use Email for Storing Logs” Then change the amount of time the Keylogger sends logs.

In the Email settings tab keep the “smpt.gmail.com” and the port number 587 where it says “Email to Send Keystroke Logs” put your email in that box and in the box under that put the password to your email. 

If you want you can change what email it send the logs too, but otherwise use the same email that you put above. 

Then, Click Test Email Account Information, and if you get an email saying that it works, then you can move onto the next step. 

Keep all the settings the same, unless you want to disable task manager or block websites now will add some online virus scanning sites to block them —this means that the sites can’t scan the tool for virus.

Go to the installation tab and check the first box in “Startup Settings” Then Choose a place to install in the Installation Directory.

In the Installation Directory I would put it in the “AppData Folder

Then go to Original File Check “Do Nothing with Original File after Install” to keep suspicion level none.

If you want File downloading enabled then type in the link of your exe or other file, but if not then do nothing with this box.

Now go to ‘Server Creation' tab and press ‘Generate New Server’ under ‘server creation’, and give name of your Keylogger and that it… You are done.

You have successfully created a Keylogger server file. Now, simply send this file to your victim via email, once the victim runs our Keylogger, we will key logs every 20 min via email

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