How to remove any RAT or Keylogger from PC?

So , i was looking to make a thread on removing viruses from computer. but i was so busy. So now i ma free so i thought to share it to you.

So go through these steps:

  1. Goto start
  2. Type msconfig
  3. A screen will be opened. Goto Start Up Tab
  4. Now go down in the list box.
  5. Check for the Different assemblies , which seems to be a Weird Publisher or any else.
  6. Uncheck them
  7. restart PC

Note that Unchecking the wrong files can crash PC , because the assembly you would uncheck may be of Windows.

To uncheck correct assembly, You'll have to look for their Publisher , name of program.
Many time the name of assembly will be windows or svchost.exe or etc but their publisher will be unknown , so it is virus , If the svchost.exe has the publisher of windows then it is not a virus , because it is using by windows. 

CONCLUSION:In "msconfig" , the tab we will open is for those application which start running from start Up. Like , when windows start. virus also start at the run up of windows. So after unchecking , your virus will no longer able to start from start Up , and you'll be safe. 

----- ALTERNATE------

To remove the root file of virus , In win 7 , goto documents , take a look arround for "App Data "Folder , ( YOU CAN FIND IT WHEN YOU WILL ALLOW HIDDEN FILES AND WHEN YOU UNCHECK THE OPERATING SYSTEM HIDDEN FILES FROM FOLDER OPTION). Goto this folder , goto Roaming Folder under it. and You will see some folder. Go below and see for the application name you found weird in msconfig (startup tab). and delete it.

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