Do you feel half secure while using your VPN service?
What if you can get that other half?

The best security solution for your VPN connection and Computer ID.
Auto login for VPN and OpenVPN. Shutdown network or close and
autostart programs upon VPN crash. Unlimited programs supported.

Virtualization supported for VMware and Virtualbox. Computer ID
protection helps you against WPA/WPA2 attackers, and network
Computer ID sniffer algorithms.

Unique features:

  1. Auto-login to OpenVPN, PTPP and L2TP
  2. DNS leak fix (Prevent ISP monitoring & Data leaks) - More info
  3. Close programs or network when VPN crash
  4. Options to close or autorun each application
  5. Unlimited programs supported
  6. Virtualization support for VMware and Virtualbox
  7. Detect if Local IP changes for router VPN pass through
  8. Notification when VPN is offline

Computer ID protection:

  1. Security against WiFi WPA/WPA2 backdoors
  2. Prevent various Computer ID fishing techniques
  3. Auto create new computer ID
  4. Reminder to change computer ID automatically or manually.

Win Xp/vista and win7
Run as administrator for vista/win7
Trial version included for your evaluation !

Full program:
1... Run Setup.exe
2... Enter Username and password from kg.exe.


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