Create multiboot USB device using YUMI [How to]

Are you looking for any simple method to create multiboot USB device that able to contains multiple operating systems, windows utilities and more tools then you comes on right page.

YUMI(Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is easy to use, freeware multiboot creator tool. Normally, we can only create a single boot in USB device but YUMI can help you to easily create Multiboot USB Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more.

YUMI copies all files into Multiboot folder in organized way, So you can still used your USB device for other storage purposes.

How to create Multiboot USB device using YUMI:-

Step 1:- Download YUMI and install it on your windows system.

Step 2:- Now run the program, and then select your USB device drive letter,

                                       Make your USB device multiboot using YUMI

Step 3:- Now from the distribution list, select the Linux distribution, antivirus tool or system utilities, or other that you wanna install.

Step 4:- And then browser the iso file path, once you’ve done it, click on the create button.

Step 5:- Follow the same procedure to create multiboot USB device.

Step 6:- Once you’ve done it, restart your computer, and then change your PC setting to boot from the USB drive and then install your distribution.

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