How To Create Shortcut to Eject CD / DVD Drive

Creating a shortcut to eject CD/DVD drive can minimize your effort. Instead of pushing the button to open your CD or DVD drive tray you can create a hotkey or shortcut to perform that job. You can put this shortcut on your desktop and name it whatever you want. To do that you will need to install a third party software. Actually there are many third party software to perform this job. I am showing you the process with Eject CD 1.0 software by Alex Nolan.

Follow the steps described below to create shortcut to Eject CD / DVD drive.

Steps to Create Shortcut to Eject CD / DVD Drive

1. First of all download Eject CD 1.0 software. >Download Link

2. Now, right click on the downloaded .exe file and select Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut) option.

3. Rename the shortcut file and double click on the shortcut to run the application. Security Warning dialog box will appear. Click Run for further progress and your CD/DVD drive tray will eject shortly.

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