How To Make An Linux Operating System[Easy&Free]

Hello Guys, Today I'm Gonna Show You How To Make An Operating System(Linux-Based). It is Very Easy and Free and NO CODING REQUIRED!!

1. Open Your Browser and Type SuseStudio.com and Hit Enter!

2. Sign in Or Create an Account.

3. After Creating Account, Accept the TOS then Click On Continue. Now It Will Navigate You To Create New Appliance..

4. After Clicking on Create Appliance, It Will Navigate You To the Start Page where You Can Again Name(or Change) Your Appliance Name.

5. Click On Software Tab and Select What Softwares You Want In Your OS.

6. Now Click On Configuration. It Will Show You This Page(General).

7. Personalize it with Your Own LOGO Or Background.

8. After Configuring it, Skip Files(Used For Overlaying Files if you Want to Add Your Edits Files. It Will Automatically Add It to Your Basic Drive.)
Click on Build Tab.

You Can Install It via USB using UNetBootin. Or the way you use..   Thank You!!

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