Latest Vodafone working 3G-GPRS trick using Ultrasurf

Hello Guys!! It has been a long time since my last article about 3G/GPRS trick. Now M14 Network Inc. is back with new vodafone internet trick using ultrasurf . This trick is tested and working with 100% guarantee and do leave a comment after checking this trick in your region.

This Vodafone 3G trick is working with ultrasurf vpn.Ultrasurf is same as pd-proxy vpn.Ultrasurf is used to tunnel the vodafone network through TCP port.Now days Vodafone has TCP port 443 is open So the vpn like Ultrasurf can be used to tunnel  .Just read on the article and enjoy the vodafone free internet.

What is Ultrasurf ?

UltraSurf is a lightweight freeware program designed as an anti-censorship tool. It allows to circumvent firewalls using proxies and employs encryption protocols for privacy. Other applications include protecting your security on public WIFI, hiding your IP address and encrypted communication. When started, UltraSurf automatically finds proxy servers from a range of servers globally and builds a connection through an encrypted tunnel. The software executes without installation from a hard drive or portable media, for example USB drive, memory card or CD, and leaves no registry after shut down. Internet Explorer and Firefox are the currently supported browsers UltraSurf runs through.

How to use vodafone Ultrasurf 3G trick ?

Just follow the few simple instructions if you want to use this trick :-
1. First download  ultra surf  [ Click Here ]

2.Now install the Ultrasurf

3.Run the ultra surf application.

4. After starting ultrasurf connect to intrenet using  Portalnmms apn in your PC.

5. Now in the ultra surf go to Options > Proxy Settings.Select Manual Proxy Setting.

6. Now write Proxy Host as and Proxy Port 9401 and click on OK.Refer Following screenshot for more details 

7. Now configure Internet download manager as proxy and Port as 9666.

How to Setup Proxy and Port in IDM?

1. Open your internet download manger
2. click on Downloads in Menu-bar And go to Option

3. Then Proxy/Socks Tab From it.

4. Now Mark the check box Saying Use Proxy

5. Now Add Proxy Address and port also mark the check box below it saying ” Use This Proxy For Following Protocols”
and Mark all check box below it of  HTTP,HTTPS and FTP

6. Click on OK

7. Done

After configuring all above settings. Run the ultrasurf with any server.Try this trick with zero balance to avoid the balance deduction problem. I have explain every step so that newbie can understand easily 

Please note that Vodafone ultrasurf 3g trick is tested and working 100% in west bengal so you may give it a try in your state too and leave a comment below if it works for your state or Any Query related this Post .

I hope you will enjoy the trick and please leave a word of appreciation as a comment below

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