You can easily findout who is spying on you | Who’s viewing your facebook profile: Facebook Scam

WoW!! I Cannot believe that you can now see who is been stalking at your profile for real! You can easily findout who is spying
on you at->:> http://apps.facebook.com/hhtrdgrr/

A new facebook scam is circulating on my facebook news feed with this description Now you can see who is viewing your profile and find out how many profile views you got. just use our application and press button below and then allow to analyze your facebook profile!, check it below screenshot.

who is spying on you facebook scam

Who’s viewing your facebook profile facebook scam
Thanks Naveen about this scam and screenshots.

This is another facebook fake profile viewer that promised you to show your top stalkers(list of all your top facebook friends who have been viewing your profile) by filling survey. Like previous facebook scam, this scam also created for to earn some money. So be protect from these fake scam and also alert your friends.

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