Airtel PD Proxy Trick Working again 2013 By MTSoft

Airtel PD Proxy Trick has always been favorite network for using Tricks and Accessing Internet for Free with various of Applications and Configuration. but PD proxy has always been a very easy and elite manner for using Internet. It Works like a VPN Application also known as IP Tunneling Software  just only known drawback of PD proxy is you just get Daily limit of 100 MB which is enough for browsing and further you can get its premium Accounts for using Unlimited. Airtel 2013 PD Proxy Trick will work only Where Airtel TCP Port is Opened. The open ports can be also scanned through PD Proxy

Airtel PD Proxy Trick 2013

Configuring Airtel PD Proxy Trick for 2013 is much easy an simple. Just you will need to Download PD Proxy App from Official website and configure it with some details. It is Recommended to have a Airtel SIM with Small 3G pack for avoiding SIM Blocking and Getting Fully Uncapped Speed on Airtel 3G high speed Network.
Note: Airtel PD Proxy Trick 2013 will only work if TCP Ports are opened in your Area

Advantages of Using Airtel PD Proxy Trick

There are numerous of VPN and other IP Tunneling Application to use TCP protocol for, But rest of all have some kind Of Issues like, Slow Speed, Disconnection Problem, Limited Usage  so it is much better to go with Legit way for configuring PD Proxy Trick with Airtel which is again working now in January 2013.

  1. Most Securest Encrypted Connection
  2. Airtel PD Proxy Trick is based on TCP Protocol
  3. This Trick is said to work where Airtel has TCP ports Opened
  4. There is no Speed Limitation,You will get full 3G Speed Like Premium VPN’s
  5. Confirmed working in Rajasthan and Northern States
  6. Get Full Uncapped 3G Speed using our Airtel Speed Capping Solution
  7. Airtel Connects at Zero balance so no need to recharge your SIM
  8. Constant Connection (Not even Disconnects for a Second).
  9. You need to Use Default airtel Access point as airtelgprs.com
  10. This Trick also Works on Android Device using Feat VPN for Android
  11. PD Proxy Trial Account have 100 MB Daily Limit.

Steps to Configure Airtel PD Proxy Trick

As compared to other Tricks Airtel PD Proxy Trick is much easy to Setup, Just download PD proxy Clint and make some changes in its settings and you are ready to connect!

  • Get PD Proxy from Official Website, Download the application and run it,
  • if you do not have PD Proxy Account then Register for Free PD Proxy Account 
  • Remember your Username and password which you entered while Registering on Website
  • You do not need to Install TCP Drivers manually as PD proxy Automatically installs it.
  • Windows Vista/7/8 Users should Run PD Proxy As Administrator for giving it privileges for Connect to Internet
  • Enter your Username and password in PD proxy, and Configure the Following Settings
  • Proto Options >> TCP Server Port >> Port:443
  • Parent Proxy >> Enable Parent Proxy
  • IP:
  • Port: 80
  • Headers : Host: X-Online-Host:
  • Headers : Host:fb.me/wapbrowsing.php/00/http/

Headers are known as Home page, You an use any of the Header from both above, you use your Free Home page which is working on your Area.

Now Save the Changes and Click on Connect Button! Viola Your Connection will start instantly.

Screenshot using IDM for Downloading.

To be honest This this PD proxy Airtel Tick gives much better speed than all pother TCP Configs, Thanks to the Premium High Speed Pd Proxy servers and also to the developer of this Trick.
 You can use this Config also in Android via Feat VPN which also works in UN-Rooted Android Devices  Stay Tuned with us on this new Year for Free Giveaway and Working collection of 3G tricks. Do Like us on Facebook to keep yourself Updated.

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  2. can u explan about how to get ip, port and headers ? plz..

  3. whenever i connect my internet with pd proxy i find my data loss always does pd proxy really give me 100 mb if yes then why it happens to me only


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