Dropbox app for Windows 8 arrives with a Metro interface but minus some essential features

Dropbox, the most popular cloud storage provided has launched their all new application for Windows 8. With a Metro interface and some great features, Dropbox has been seen in a whole new face. From browsing to downloading files from Dropbox, everything is lot easier – it is just like you are browsing between local computers of your PC.

This time Dropbox has showcased many new features such as file browsing from other apps and sharing files from other apps. The app integrates well with the system and other apps too.

The app is good in many aspects but I also found some shortcomings which Dropbox team should look at to make the app better in the next versions. The app is based on a good sharing concept and well designed. The white-blue theme is somewhat similar to their web interface, and succeeds in giving a purely Metro feel. But I don’t see an upload button anywhere. I mean with this app you can’t upload a file to your Dropbox account, you can only download and sync them with your PC, but to upload files you need to again go back to the previous web interface or the Desktop app.

How to open Dropbox files from other apps

Step 1: Navigate to the app or any other web page where you want to upload a Dropbox file. Here I am uploading a file to my FTP Server using mFTP. I’ll select the file from the open file dialog.

Step 2: Once the dialog is opened, click on the top left label that says ‘Files’ and select the Dropbox option from the list.

Step 3: Select your file and wait till it completes loading. Click on the open button and you are done.

You can use the same method to upload or use Dropbox files via other apps. This app makes it simpler to navigate and distribute your Dropbox files. It adds simplicity to Dropbox but lacks some essential features.

Click here to download Dropbox for Windows 8.

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