How to convert GiveAwayOfTheDay Software Into Normal Setup To Install Anytime?

Step 00: Download "Inno Setup Compiler" From Here
Step 01: Install "Inno Setup Compiler".
Step 02: Visit "www.giveawayoftheday.com" & Download "Software of the day".
Step 03: Extract Software, Because Software is in "Rar or Zip" Format.
Step 04: Install Software, if software ask "username & Serial Key" Type them both are in "downloaded folder" which you extract.

Step 05: Open "Inno Setup Compiler".
Step 06: Click "File" then "New" & then click "Next".
Step 07: (A) Now in "Application Name" write the software name you Downloaded from www.giveawayoftheday.com
        (B) Write "Application Version" as you wish.
        (C) Write "Application Publisher" as you wish.
        (D) Write "Application Website" as you wish.
Step 08: Click "Next"
Step 09: Write "Application Folder Name" use only "Application Name" (Recommanded).
Step 10: Click "Next"
Step 11: Browse the "Setup file.exe" in C:Program Files(x86) Or (x64) folder.
Step 12: "Add File(s)..." from C:Program Files(x86) Or (x64) folder.
Step 13: "Add Folders..." from C:Program Files(x86) Or (x64) folder.
Step 14: Click "Next"
Step 15: Write "Application Start Menu Folder Name" use only "Application Name" (Recommanded).
Step 16: Tick all the "Features".
Step 17: Click "Next"
Step 18: (A) Browse "License File".
         (B) Browse "Information file shown before installation". (Optional)
         (C) Browse "Information file shown after installation". (Optional For Serial Number & Username)
Step 19: Click "Next"
Step 20: Select Languages to "Select All"
Step 21: Click "Next"
Step 22: Browse "Custom complier output folder" where you save your own created setup file.
Step 23: Write "Complier output base file name" use only "Application Name" (Recommanded).
Step 24: Browse "Custom Setup icon file" use only "icon files" (.ico)
Step 25: (Optional) if you create password protected setup file.
Step 26: Click "Next"
Step 27: Click "Next"
Step 28: Click "Finish"
Step 29: Would you like to compile the new script now, Click "Yes"
Step 30: Click "Yes"
Step 31: Save "Inno Steup Scripts (*.iss)
Step 32: And Congrulations Your own created Setup File is Ready now & all time you install your software.

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