How to turn your Windows PC or Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot

From laptops, cell phone, tablet to TV’s and recently camera too, every device is Wi-Fi certified. This 802.11 technology has made our life simple by providing internet on every device. WiFi routers have become among the basic needs of the house-hold. What if you don’t have a router and still have WiFi devices?

There is no need to buy any separate hardware for it, your WiFi certified PC or Laptop can act as a WiFi router. With the announcement of Windows 8, I was expecting Microsoft to integrate this functionality as a one-click native feature in the new operating system. Even though, this didn’t happen, there are a few third-party applications which have made it possible.

Turn Windows PC into a WiFi hotspot

Here’s how to turn your PC or Laptop into a WiFi hotspot.

WiFi HotSpot Creator is an easy to use and simple application for Windows that will turn your PC with a wireless card or Laptop into a WiFi hotspot. This application works on the same technology used in the WiFi routers and uses your DSL, Cable, Mobile Broadband Card, Dial-Up, etc any of these connections to create a hotspot and that too without any need of extra hardware.

Step One: Download, Install and Run WiFi HotSpot Creator

Step Two: Under WiFi Name, type a name for your network. (WiFi network will appear on your devices with this name)

Step Three: Type a password to ensure security.

Step Four: Select the network card that your PC or Laptop is using.

Step Five: Select the maximum number of users that will connect to the WiFi.

Step Six: Click the Start button.

Step Seven: That’s it. Your PC or Laptop has started working as a WiFi hotspot. Use your devices to discover the network.

Even though, there are many such applications, WiFi HotSpot Creator is very easy to use solution and works on the one-click action principle.

It works on any Windows PC or Laptop (including Windows 8) – the only basic requirement is a Wireless Network Card and .NET Framework 4 installed. If you have it, you are good to go!

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