Once Again Free Facebook in Airtel for Limited Time (till Feb 2013)

The facebook was free in airtel last year and so we could access 0.facebook com page for free. So, from that loop hole we had made lot of tricks to enjoy free internet in airtel. But in April 2012, airtel stopped free accessing of facebook and thats why all of the free internet tricks for airtel were stopped. But now airtel again, facebook is free in airtel.

Airtel officials announced that its prepaid mobile customers can enjoy free access to the mobile application of popular social networking service – Facebook. As part of this limited period offer, prepaid Airtel mobile customers can now access the Facebook mobile application free of charge for upto 500MB of monthly data usage till 15th February 2013. 

Features of Free Facebook in airtel offer:-
    You can use on FB free in mobile and PC both.
    No data charge apply if you have some balance also.
    Download and upload unlimited numbers of photos via facebook.
    Direct access supported means no need to type 0. before facebook.com
    Supported Facebook Video Call
So, now go and enjoy free facebook in airtel but you need to take care of one thing that external link(s) will be charged as per prevailing rates, so don’t open other site’s link in fb. Beyond free usage, prevailing rates will apply.

So, for M14 Network Lovers, one good news : now you can use fb.me as free homepage to use free internet.

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